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Le Bebe Collection Plan Welcome Kit:

3 Months:

- At 3 three months, we start the session with your baby lying on their tummy on a soft “pillow” that is slightly angled to help them push themselves up.

- In addition, we’ll use other props and do other poses so you have a very nice variety of images to select from for yourself and for gifts. If you have a baby blanket, rattle or something special you would like to include, be sure to bring it to the session.

- Clothing: It’s always best to have the same color outfit for the baby panel. This way it keeps a nice consistency in color. It’s best to select outfits that are mainly solid colors. Outfits that have lots of designs or lines can be distracting. Remember, these images will be around for a very long time, so the more classic you can be with your outfits, the better.

- We may also include a few images with mom’s face showing at the 3 month session, so please be sure to bring a black or white long sleeve blouse or sweater if possible.

- We allow up to a full hour to give us as much time possible to create incredible images and also allow time for you baby to be fed have his diaper changed.

6 Months:

- At the 6 month session, your baby will need to be able to sit up on his own without falling over for a least short periods at a time. This is important, not only because the image for the panel will be of your baby sitting upright on their own, but also because the safety of your baby is of the utmost importance to us.

- Feel free to bring several different outfit and we’ll help you select the best ones. Hats are cute too!

- If you have cool props or baskets that can add to the personal meaning of you, go ahead and bring them.

- At 6 months, we often get smiles and giggles, but not every single time. It’s up to your baby, but don’t be disappointed if your baby is more on the serious side.

9 Months:

- The 9 month session is a bit more challenging as your baby needs to be able to hold on to a baby size bench. It’s a good idea to practice at home by having your baby hold on to your sofa or chair.

- If you feel your baby is not quite ready for this, feel free to reschedule the session for a week or two later.

- Two or three outfits should be enough for this session.

12 Months – Happy Birthday!:

- For the 12 month session your baby will be standing along or next to a prop for the panel.

- We usually do two outfits at this session, a dressier one and a little more casual one.

- One thing to watch for at home before this session is if your child is walking. If they take more than a step or two, you may want to call to see if we have any appointments sooner. If they’re walking at this session, the moment you sit them down next to the rocking horse, they’ll take off across the room.

- Once again bring any props you may be interested to include in the images.

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Limited Edition Sessions

Limited edition sessions are done at different times of the year and generally reflect a special theme. The session fee and prints are discounted from our regular studio pricing list. Some of our theme sessions include “Dog Days of Summer” and “Spring Baby Chicks.” Take advantage of this great opportunity to have photos that are truly unique. It is also a great time to meet our studio staff and discuss a future full portrait session.

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